Our Instructors

David SollomDavid Sollom

David first stuck an engine on his hang glider in about 1980; but gave up motorised flying soon afterwards when the engine kept stopping at the most inopportune moments, and he resumed free flying; both hang gliders and paragliders. During the 1990’s he set up and ran ParAvion Paragliding School in Marlborough with the philosophy of being very professional, where most others were decidedly amateur. This is the extremely successful philosophy that he has brought to Clearprop! and the microlighting world.
After a stint in the British Paragliding Team, David resumed powered flying in 2000, when the manufacturers started to build microlight aeroplanes with big, four-stroke engines, rather than the two-stroke units of early days. He now has many thousands of hours of flying and teaching experience, on both flexwing and fixed wing microlights. David is our Chief Flying Instructor and examiner in the flexwing aircraft.

Dave CoxDavid Cox

Since the day Clearprop! was opened we have wanted Dave, or Coxy as he is known around here, on our team. It took a while but he is now firmly installed here at Clearprop! where he teaches mainly on the fixed wing aircraft at Redlands. Coxy is ex RAF and loves all forms of flying. He is a proficient aerobatics pilot, hang glider pilot, paragliding instructor and flexwing and fixed wing microlight instructor/examiner. When not flying Coxy is a skilled craftsmen and helps out a little company fitting out bespoke camper vans. He has built his own single seat deregulated fixed wing microlight. Oh.. and if that was not enough he was also a champion power lifter in the past and can now be found in the gym keeping himself fit or failing that bashing up and down the local trails on his mountain bike. Of course on top of all that he also happens to be a thoroughly good chap well liked by his students and colleagues.