Our Aircraft

Ikarus C42

For Three-Axis training we use the Ikarus C42. This is a conventional aircraft and is controlled using a centre mounted joystick and rudder pedals. The seating is side by side within an enclosed cockpit ensuring no frost bite in the winter! Powered by a four stroke 80hp Rotax engine the aircraft cruises at around 80mph and has a maximum fuel capacity of 65ltrs burning around 10ltrs per hour giving a very respectable range.


Pegasus 912

Our flex wing aircraft is a Pegasus 912. This aircraft stems from the early microlight designs where an engine was attached to a hang glider. Nowadays they have fantastic performance similar to that of the fixed wing microlight aircraft. The seating arrangement is front to back and the cockpit is open. Flying suits are worn for extra warmth as well as helmets and headsets. These aircraft are controlled in the same way as a hang glider using weight shift.