Experience Flights

Fixed wing microlight

Fixed wing microlight

The Air Experience Flight is a wonderful introduction to flying!

It is an unforgettable experience, flying serenely above the rolling countryside in a very light aeroplane, either an open cockpit flexwing or an enclosed fixed wing microlight.  As well as the wonderful sensation of flying and the stunning views, you will have the chance to control the aeroplane (with your instructor’s help, of course), and to see and feel whether flying microlights might be a hobby for you. An air experience flight also makes a stunning Christmas or birthday gift.


Who Can Fly?

Almost anyone can fly – the only restrictions we set are ‘over fourteen years old’ for children, and ‘weigh less than 16 stone’ for everyone.


Microlight Types

Here at Cloudbase we offer both the flexwing and fixed wing types of microlight.  You don’t have to decide straight away, so if you’re buying a voucher as a gift the lucky recipient can choose. 


Flexwing microlight

Flexwing microlight

How long can I fly?

We offer both 30 and 60 minute flights, in either type of microlight.  If you’d like to fly for longer, that’s no problem – just ask when you book your flight.

Have a look at our FAQ or find out about a Typical Experience Flight… or go ahead and book!



£70 – 30 minute air experience flight, with club membership, briefing and a certificate.

£135 – 60 minute air experience flight, with club membership, briefing and a certificate.

Vouchers are valid for a period of one year and we operate all year round seven days a week, although this is of course weather dependant. The voucher duration is from brakes off to brakes on so you will need to allow a little extra time for the briefing etc.

Remember vouchers are valid for a whole year and make a great Christmas present or birthday present.

Order by Phone

Call us on 01793 790183 (Weekday mornings 08:30am – 12:30pm) and pay by credit card.
Phone may be answered at other times.

Order Online

 E-Voucher – In a hurry? Get an E-Voucher mailed directly to your inbox. Then simply print it out.
30min Flight 60min Flight
£70 £135

Postal Voucher – Let us print and post the voucher to you at no extra cost.
30min Flight 60min Flight
£70 £135