About Clearprop! and Cloudbase

Clearprop! Microlight School was established in 2007 by David Sollom and Angus Lacy-Hulbert, with the aim of providing top quality microlight tuition at a convenient location in the south of England.  In June 2017 the flying school was taken over by Cloudbase Paragliding Ltd to become Cloudbase Microlighting under Lee Bligh and Fiona Burgess. We chose Redlands Airfield not only for its prime position near major routes, but also for the superb facilities it has, as well as the wonderful atmosphere on the airfield.

There has been a microlight club and part-time school at Redlands since the early 1990’s, with the school part growing steadily over the past few years.  Now the school operates on a full-time basis, flying every day that the weather allows.

At Redlands, we have an office and shop, briefing room and large indoor and outdoor seating areas.  There is coffee and tea available all the time, and even a small café for hot and cold snacks which is open at weekends.